Why Mudfield?


Zero Chemicals

We don’t use artificial fertilizers or storage additives in our food produce


Indigenous crops

We select only the native crops of the region .We don’t use hybrid or GMO varieties.

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Happy Farmers

Our farmers are happy with their soil and the better profits


Future of Mankind

Sustainable farming ensures soil preservation for our next generation.

Mudfield Natural Farming
Empowering India's transition towards Organic consumption


Mudfield educates and empowers the rural youth and farmers to adapt and practice chemical free farming. Our aim is to reach every household with affordable and healthy chemical-free produce for the perfect nutrition.


Our farm locations


Our products


Chemical free Rice | Chemical free Pulses | Chemical free Millets | Chemical free Oil | Chemical free Whole Spices | Chemical free Honey | Natural fertilizer | Chemical free pesticides| Natural farming techniques training

About Us

Sustenance Agro Services Pvt Ltd. is a fast growing company aspiring to make the food chemical free.

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Sustenance Agro Services Pvt Ltd.
Corporate office : Coimbatore
Operations : Tanjavur , Chennai

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