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Our Mission

To enrich the agricultural economy and help people live a chemical free, disease free and healthy life.

Our Vision

To create a chemical free food cycle for our current and next generation .

To educate and empower the farmers to follow chemical free natural farming techniques

To educate the consumers about the benefits of chemical free food

To restore the ancient practices of farming that concentrates on combating harmful pests with beneficial living organisms.

“Amidst those who preach Organic Farming, we have been keen in enabling farmers to follow Natural Farming”. Lost nature cannot be restored by an individual following Organic farming and will not satisfy the demand for “Chemical Free (Non-Toxic) food”. Our goal is to bring together all the farmers under one roof by insisting the need for Chemical free Farming along with the benefits associated with it especially the profits they can yield.

So far, we have converted 700 acres to chemical free farming land. Recovering nature is very simple, if you have a land, come join us as a Farmer. If you do not have a land, join us as a consumer of our products and reap the benefits. By doing this you can be a catalyst in converting the farmers to choose chemical fee farming.

When we create a mass market for chemical free produce , the Chemical produce demand will eventually fall.

Farm To Customer



Our farms are chosen based on the region with suitable weather and temperature conditions. We carefully choose indigenous crops that are native to the region and soil resulting in naturally better yields. We follow strict and proven methodologies for soil fertility management, seed preparation, composting, water management, crop rotation and protection which are extremely tested and sustainable in nature. Our farmers are carefully chosen and trained to work towards practicing chemical free and natural farming techniques.


Our products are dehydrated in a clean safe environment using traditional practices involving sunlight to prevent the chances of a phytochemical breakdown. We avoid the usage of Carbon Dioxide and Aluminium dioxide for fumigation . Instead our process involves the usage of yellow sticky card , light trap , Nochi ( Chaste tree leaves ) , Vasambu ( Sweet flag ) and Neem leaves.


Our customers are on the healthy path away from hybrid , GMO and chemical based farming products .
While educating them is our first step , their mindset of seeking the most healthy and nutritious food for the family is driving this silent revolution .
Our society is making tremendous growth in the scientific and technological arena but we believe it’s time to take a step back and reinvent the ancient way of food practices.


Native and indigenous crop varieties are chosen to naturally suit the soil of the geography.


The soil is tested to confirm the type , pH levels , presence of pesticides.


The crops are only harvested after attaining full maturity & the obtained products are stored in a completely natural environment.


Authorized tests are conducted to check the presence of pesticides & retain the crops’ potency.


Crops are stored with natural and proven pest control techniques .


Food products are packaged with extra care for a smooth and safe delivery.

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About Us

Sustenance Agro Services Pvt Ltd. is a fast growing company aspiring to make the food chemical free.

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